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Mary Harmon Bryant Hall


The University of Alabama Herbarium is housed in a 3,750-ft2 room that is maintained at or near 61° F a temperature at which cigarette beetles will not reproduce. Specimens are stored on moveable shelves.

The herbarium complex shares the fourth and fifth floors of the Scientific Collections Building with the University ichthyological and herpetological collections and a storage room for the Paul R. Jones Collection of American Art. The complex consists of a workroom separated from the collection room by the freezer room, a data entry room and staff offices on the fourth floor and a small pressing room and a drying room on the fifth floor.

The drying room has steel shelving, four shelves high, arranged in a U-shape around the walls. Below the lowest shelf are electrical heating elements and a forced air intake. Near the center of the room, and above the highest shelf, is a duct for an exhaust fan. Air enters the room, is heated, rises up through any presses on the shelves, and is exhausted in the ceiling. The room is temperature controlled, being maintained at 110° F.