Director and Curator of Vascular Plants Dr. Michael McKain
Phone: (205) 348-1826 Fax: (205) 348-6460
Curator of Nonvascular Plants Dr. Juan Lopez-Bautista Phone: (205) 348-1791 Fax: (205) 348-6460 e-mail: jlopez [at] Research interests: Molecular systematics of subaerial green algae (Trentepohliales), red seaweeds, algal biodiversity
Collections Manager Mr. Steven Ginzbarg Phone: (205) 348-1829 Fax: (205) 348-6460 e-mail: sginzbar [at] Research interests: systematics of Croton
Director Emeritus Dr. Robert R. Haynes e-mail: robert.r.haynes [at] Research interests: systematics of aquatic vascular plants; Alismatidae
Research Associate Dr. Brian Keener e-mail: BKeener [at] Research interests: systematics of Alismatidae, Alabama floristics
Research Associate Dr. John L. Clark Phone: (609) 620-6918 e-mail: jclark [at] Research interests: Systematics of Gesneriaceae, pollination biology, neotropical biodiversity